The truth will set you free…

Recently I’ve found myself addicted to a show I found on NetFlix. Living without cable for the past decade or so I find that not only do I not watch tv (duh) but it also takes quite a bit for a show to really hold my interest – this one definitely has. To the point where I’ve added the first few seasons to my instant queue, and have managed to watch just about a whole season over the course of the past week or so. It’s called “Destination Truth,” & not only is the main host damn near irresistible what with his quick wit, adventurous nature, & adorable dimples – but the premise of each hour long episode really got under my skin. Basically, their team of 5 travel around the world, stopping in different counties, interviewing the locals, & investigating different mythilogical creatues/beings, & mysterious happenings. While I’ve always been intrigued by the awkward, the supernatural, & the just plain “odd” – what really got me thinking was their intention – to seek out the truth, wherever it is they go, whoever it is they’re working with – what they’re pursuing is the truth.

It started me thinking…If I was given the opportunity, where would I go, who would I talk to, and what kind of truth would I seek out? Would I look for the meaning of life, the fountain of youth, the purple people eater, the secret of happiness, how to live a fulfilled life… Or would I pursue something more mundane – such as how to keep the noodles from sticking together in leftover spaghetti & continue blindly on my wayward path through the dense forest of life? Learning lessons, making friends, & growing as I progress in whatever direction I choose…. eventually discovering my own truth.

~ m


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