I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’d updated my blog. My apologies for keeping you all perched there on the edge of your seats –but lets’s be honest. The strain & squat-esque pose is sure to have helped with any thigh concerns – right?  🙂  So really, you should be thanking me! Anyways, no excuses. Life had just been rather hectic as of late – all amazingly exciting hectic bits though!

Not only have I found myself being published in a local magazine (Entertainment News NW – http://www.ENNW.info) , but I’ve also just completed a Personal Essay Workshop, lead by a woman I met a bit earlier this year at the writers conference I attended in Coupeville, WA; Sheila Bender. Her site is www.writingitreal.com and she’s absolutely amazing. Right now I’m in the midst of a week or so break before the next installment of the workshop picks up, and I can’t wait for it to begin. Otherwise, I’ve been doing plenty of reading in the sunshine on my patio, celebrating the arrival of my 29th year with more Guinness than any single woman should be allowed, and of course the usual handful of horribly cursed first dates.

But alas, those are all stories for another time. For now, I’m leaving you there, on the edge of your seat, for just a bit longer.

~ m