Ready?… Begin!

          I’m not sure how it happened, but October is at it’s end, and for once in my life I’m not suprememly stoked about Halloween and all of the costumed, children spooking, skin crawling, sugar high, in ebriated goodness it seems to leave in it’s wake. This year, my insomnia inducing excitement is due to the impending month of NaNoWriMo that at some point in the last few weeks I decided, for whatever reason, might be a good idea?!!?!?!?! Shoot me now! *lol*

For those of you that haven’t fully embraced their word slut nerd yet, NaNoWriMo is a celebration, as well as a self mutilation of sorts. It’s the worldwide celebration, nay, observance of November, which is National Novel Writing Month. Being the rebel that I am though, I’m participating with a bit of a twist. Instead of tackling a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, I’ll be slaving over a memoir, telling the story of my paternal grandmothers life, struggles, successes, and passing. She’s someone that I’ve known next to nothing about, because of some of those complicated stuggles within her life. Things that at the time weren’t spoken of, because of their taboo nature, and since, have been swept under the rug because they aren’t things that people long to hear about. But, in hoping to know myself better – I’ve realized I need to take a closer look at my past, as well as the lives of those that have come before me. Those that, in the case of my grandmother, I wasn’t able to know.

 So, please realize that for the next 30 days I’ll most likely be MIA – since I’ll be using every word I can eek out of myself to help make that 50,000 goal! Even if their meaningless gibbers that I would usually post here – I’ll need them in the original manuscript to edit out later… Have an amazing Halloween, a great Thanksgiving… and I’ll see you again bright & early December 1st!

~ m