This year I resolve to…

(The following is something I wrote a few weeks back, and was happily surprised to find printed in this past weeks local paper under their monthly “Women Talk” column – thought I might repost it here as well.)

… actually keep my new years resolutions! Or, more specifically, I resolve to not completely dissolve them prior to the end of January! As women our resolutions usually tend to fall into the same categories, year after year, or at least mine do. Since I can remember, I’ve sat down on January 1st, usually with a bit of a headache, and slightly closer to early afternoon than late morning, a gigantic cup of coffee, a cheesy fried breakfast and a task – to decide what goals I’m going to set for this new round of 365 days. What’s going to be different this year, to make this one stand out (for good reasons) from the rest?

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the memorable definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results – this year, I’ve decided I’m finished being insane, 2012 is going to be my year of health, success, happiness, and only mild awkwardness – a huge step away from true insanity! And so, I sat down bright and early on December 1st to set my 2012 resolutions; hedging my bets a little bit by opting for an entire extra month in which to start building the foundations for these great new habits I desire to possess, and amazingly, thus far it’s worked like a charm! While some of my resolutions are the same as in years past (losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle), I’m adding a few new ones as well (to more actively pursue relationships that will lead me in the direction of my dreams). And, I’m attacking all of these goals in a different way. Changing my method of madness if you will.

Starting in December instead of January was just step one. I’ve also decided that I’m making my goals public knowledge, not just to my close family and friends but to you, the entire community. Meaning, I’m no longer standing alone, struggling to hold myself accountable against the rest of the world; instead, I’m using the positive thoughts, and inspiring comments from my fellow ladies as fodder for morphing into the woman I intend to be. As Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village;” not only to raise a child, but also, I believe, to raise a well adjusted, self sufficient, proud, community minded, adult.             Women, talk. We do. It’s an inherent fact that young or old, Amish, Hindu, Catholic, or Greek, we, as women seek out others, like ourselves, kindred spirits, to hypothesize, discuss, debate, and gossip about our daily lives, struggles at home, office politics, and soap operas. So why not use that? Why not band together to form a larger support system to hedge the bets in our favor? I’m confident that with each other, we can make some pretty miraculous changes – in the world at large, in our small town communities, and in our own personal lives.

So, there you have it, my hopes, dreams, goals, plans, and weaknesses on a silver platter – please treat them with care. But, it’s your turn now, tell me, what are your goals for this year? What new habits are you going to adopt that will make 2012 a year to remember? And how can we, your newfound support system help inspire you? Lets tap into the collective positive power of our fellow women and make this year our best yet.



“Hope is a waking dream,” so said Aristotle, and I for one, believe he had it right.

I also got an amazing phone call yesterday afternoon. To bring you all up to speed, I recently became gainfully unemployed (end of September) after 11 years of working full time + without a break. So, it’s been a bit of a shock to my system, having so much time for myself, my writing, reading, napping, and focusing on making some serious life changes. I’ve been looking for work over the past month plus, but to use the same line as hundreds of thousands of others, due to the economy, and lack of jobs that I have the knowledge, skillset, and training for – it’s been a little difficult to find something. I’m also being picky, not just taking a job, because it’s offered to me. I don’t want to find myself in another situation where I’m in a dead end job, dreading the office every morning because of one thing or another – I want to hold out a bit and find a position doing something that I can be passionate about, and with a team that I can feel a connection with.

So, as you may have noticed, I love to write… whether it be blogging, journaling, articles for local publications, essays for larger ones, or just doodling on a napkin in a coffee shop. A few months back, the local paper approached me about an interview & column that they wanted to create about me! Regarding my status as a small town local gal, seeking out the limelight of stardom as a writer. Well, yesterday afternoon, that same paper (who did print an amazing article about yours truly) contacted me about an open position they have for a freelance reporter & photographer!!! I meet with the editor tomorrow morning to discuss specifics… But, I really believe that this is the position I’ve been waiting for. And, the timing couldn’t be better. With the track I’m traveling now, towards a healthier, happier, stronger, prouder me… I can now add that I may be working in a position that I’ve always dreamed of!!!

~ m 🙂